Responsible sourcing

Together we strive for the highest quality with minimal environmental impact

Our approach to sourcing is based on an open dialogue and professional collaboration with suppliers. We value the possibilty to source the right products for the right solution.

This also enable us to create the best sustainable solutions for our customers.

We have high demands to quality and responsible sourcing and we focus on improving the production processes to minimise environmental impact. Traceability and transparency are incorporated in our documentation.

We make an active choice in relation to the substances and materials used in our production. This means an active deselection of e.g. phthalates and mercury. We only use raw materials, pigments and additives which comply with the REACH and RoHS regulations.

The position is secured by meeting the strictest demands set in the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 management systems, as well as any relevant legislation.
We are aiming for a continuous development.