Our polymers make the world of design products more colorful.

Design products are characterised by an aesthetically high quality. Plastic and design are not antipoles - on the contrary, they largely complement each other. Polymers do not limit functionality, color and surfaces - imagination is the limit.

We supply various design houses and their sub-suppliers with Compounds and Masterbatches. We work with these parties all the way from identification of choice of material to development of colors. This cooperation takes place in an open and innovative atmosphere, e.g. via our workshops where generation of ideas is combined with practice.

Compounds / Coloring

We comply with high demands on material quality in all types of polymer. Our unique competences in accuracy of color are constantly achieved and maintained, irrespective of type of polymer - and no matter whether we compound with or without fillers.

Whether the choice of material for the final product is ABS, PC, TPE, TPU or another polymer - we are able to supply. In any tint and in any volume. Service, flexibility, knowhow and quality are buried deeply in our DNA, making us a dedicated collaborator.


Quite often it is possible to use a Masterbatch for self-coloring, depending on the type of polymer, its own color, the shape and weight of the items. We will advise you so that pros and cons of self-coloring are made visible.

Our Masterbatches are custom-designed with regard to the individual product. Once we have all information about the end-application and the requirements on it, we shall make a decision on carrying system, addition of additives (UV etc.) and types of pigment.


Volumes of delivery: From 25 kg to 25 tons
Samples: From 1 kg and up
Flexible packaging and shipping solutions: From 12.5 kg boxes to 25 tons bulk deliveries