Based on more than 30 years' experience within manufacture of custom-designed solutions of both Compounds and Masterbatch, Controlled Polymers A/S has a solid base to solve new tasks.

Our strong competences within both Compounds and Masterbatches enable us to offer
optimum solutions and to create connection and coherence between the two potential

  • We have individual thinking
  • We want to work as your partner with focus on dialogue, flexibility, and service
  • We develop custom-designed solutions based on your needs and requirements
  • We work according to flexible systems and guidelines, which enable us to act fast and think out of the box, if so required
  • We have no requirements regarding minimum production – as an example we offer
    production of 25 kg special colorings

The result of the above way of thinking has, among other things, contributed to:

  • Organic growth for our customers as well as supplementary addition of new
    customers. Many years of collaboration where both parties benefit from mutual
    knowledge to each other's business
  • Open and free communication, which ensures a flexible collaboration process
  • A high professional level

We work together with leading polymer producers, where, according to agreement with
the producers, we are often a link between them and you as end-user.

Therefore, we offer solutions within all types of polymer - from commodities over technical polymers to extreme high-temperature materials - under the precondition that these are approved for use in the EU.

We continuously develop new client-specific solutions to our customers in which case we
shall assume the responsibility for only using ingredients with appropriate approval.

As producer of client-specific solutions we value confidentiality and integrity highly,
therefore mutual commitment agreements are a natural part of our everyday life.