High-quality products with full documentation and traceability.

Detailed and broad knowledge ensures high-quality products.

The industries within hygiene- and fibre products place great demands on desired properties, which requires that we provide broad and detailed knowledge.

In addition to observing the demands we provide full documentation to comply with current regulations.

No matter whether you need custom-designed solutions to achieve exact desired properties in an end-product, or whether the need is a process aid, then we are able to develop and produce such a product.   

Compounds / Colorings

We comply with great demands on material quality in all types of polymer. We offer custom-designed solutions based on a broad selection of polyolefins and similar polymers.

Delivery programme

  • Additive Compounds
  • Color Compounds
  • Combined (Additive & Color) Compounds


We can supply a broad selection of white and black Masterbatches, produced by our Italian partner SITRA S.p.A.

Our Masterbatches are client-specific, developed and produced by us in accordance with our customers' demands. In many cases we develop and manufacture a Masterbatch, which is a combined Color and Additive Masterbatch.

Delivery programme

  • Additive MB    
  • Combi MB
  • White and Black MB    
  • Polyolefin MB   
  • PS MB    
  • Etc. Compound / Masterbatch 
Volumes of delivery: From 25 kg to 25 tons
Samples: From 1 kg and up
Flexible packaging and shipping solutions: From 12.5 kg boxes to 25 tons bulk deliveries