Mutual understanding and insight create good solutions.

Our goal is to be your sparring partner – and not only a supplier. We have great experience in using our laboratory facilities as customer workshops where you participate, possibly together with your own designers or material specialists, and where we make our experienced color technicians available.

Our workshops provide you with a series of advantages:

  • Exchanging ideas and points of view in close and direct dialogue
  • Development of various tints and transparency
  • Evaluation of colors based on different light sources
  • Preparation of color samples for assessment at home in the company, possibly complemented by delivery of a sample for e.g. prototype production
  • The workshop facilities are established in such a way that the framework for the above is available

The outcome is that together we create a solution on the spot, are able to send you samples within a few days and subsequently produce – all of it within 10-12 working days.