As an alternative to traditional compounding, we can also offer our patented Cold Pound process in coloring a polymer.

By coating pigments and additives to each granule, you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Preserving the original properties in the base polymer
  • Minimizing the risk for (additional) Black Specks
  • In Hygroscobic and/or technical polymers, with tendency to changes in the base color tone (ex. different grades of yellowness), the Cold Pound process allows us, from lot to lot and within the same lot, to obtain the specific color, agreed upon with the customer, within the agreed tolerances
  • Tighter color tolerances possible compared to traditional Compounds

Product programme

Glass filled and High Tech Compounds:

  • PP GF     
  • POM GF       
  • PBT GF   
  • LCP
  • ABS GF
  • PA GF
  • PEEK
  • Etc.
Volumes:  25 kg to 25 t lots
Samples:  From 5 kg
Delivery time: Normally within 10 working days
Packaging: Flexible packaging solutions; from 12.5 kg boxes to octabin deliveries