Strong solutions in Compounds for automotive and related industries.

Custom-designed product fulfils every need.

All components must have their very own specific properties and their own specific color. In close cooperation with you, we develop the exact solutions which fulfils your requirements.

We offer individual solutions in combination with short delivery times and a lot of flexibility - no minimum quantities required.

Compounds / Colorings

We comply with your high demands on material quality in all technical types of polymer and our unique competences in color accuracy ensure consistency of color.

This applies to both un-filled and filled types of polymer with e.g. glass (>50%) or flame-retardants, where we constantly take any changes in the own-color of the polymer / Compound into consideration and readjust the finished product if necessary.

We work together with leading producers and suppliers of polymers to make sure you get the best product. Our internal knowhow in color and polymer science ensures you a professional collaborator. Transparency and traceability have top-priority on all our products so you will always have access to the documentation for the basic material.

Delivery programme


All our Masterbatches, with the exception of standard white and black, are client-specific - developed and produced by us in accordance with your requirements.

We can often develop and produce a Masterbatch, which is a combined color and additive Masterbatch.

Delivery programme

  • Polyolefin MB
  • PC MB
  • TPU MB
  • PS MB
  • POM MB
  • ABS MB
  • PA MB
  • SAN MB
  • TPE MB
  • Black and white Standard MB
  • Etc. Compound / Masterbatch


Volumes of delivery: From 25 kg to 25 tons
Samples: From 1 kg and up
Flexible packaging and shipping solutions: From 12.5 kg boxes to 25 tons bulk deliveries