We have 30 years' experience in
production of customized Compounds
and Masterbatches.

We deliver to a series of different industries; see the segments below.

We want to be your preferred partner through dialogue, flexibility and client-specific
solutions that live up to your requirements.


Flexible solutions in all types of polymer with documentation on the end-product and full material specification as an option

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Strong competences in coloring, identical colors across various polymers, as well as laser marker optimisation

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Custom-designed Masterbatch solutions with color and additives, as well as black/white standard programme, cover every need.

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30 years of experience with deliveries to the electronic industry makes us a reliable partner.

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Long time experience as a supplier to the machinery and construction industries

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When design, color and aesthetics should form a synthesis

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Controlled Polymers delivers Compounds and Masterbatches to a number of other segments

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Our workshops create optimum client-specific solutions – and save you months of development work

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