We also focus on customer-oriented solutions with regard to documentation.

Our work is based on our material and color enquiry table (MCS-table). This ensures that adequate documentation is available for the requested solution and its contents.

Subsequent changes/modifications are added to the same document so that a subelement is created in "change control”.

In addition to our standard documentation solutions we offer to:

  • create a documentation solution which fits your exact needs and wishes
  • implement further desired information on our certificates, e.g. test result, raw material batch numbers, etc.
  • procure any specific declarations from producers regarding specific constituents.
  • we offer moulding of color chips of the dimensions best suited for approval in relation
  • the product in question, as well as the desired quantity and with documentation for laser marking where applicable. Normally, the documentation will follow the goods but we are willing to forward it to alternative addresses

Control and audits

If you have specific wishes with regard to control during the manufacturing process based on e.g. ISO 13485, we shall willingly make a separate agreement about implementation of such.

Controlled Polymers is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. However, a lot of companies want to perform their own audits. something which we see as an opportunity to further strengthen our cooperation.

An agreement about audits can be made directly to our quality responsible or via your regular contact person.