Patented and highly specialised cold compounding process.

We are able to use a very unique compounding process to color glass-filled polymers, which enables us to create the exact same color across different polymers. This also gives better possibilities to color the polymer, where it is important to retain its original mechanical and thermal properties.

Controlled Polymers has unique knowledge about polymers, colors and additives, which has been gained during more than 20 years, and from which our international customers within the hearing aid industry also profit.

Laser marking is one of our primary competences. By combining several additives and pigments, a clear and optimum marking on the finished product is achieved.

We only use polymers, pigments and additives with appropriate approvals.

We offer full material specifications on incoming materials as desired, just as we have full traceability. Of course documentation is prepared on the end product, adapted to your needs, and we are at your disposal conc. technical and regulatory questions.

Furthermore, we may save you months of development work on new products via our workshops, where we invite you, possibly with your own/external designers and technicians, into a working workshop where we make our laboratory staff and test facilities available to you. Learn more about workshops here.

Delivery programme

We offer solutions to all types of polymer from polyolefins to technical polymers, e.g.:

Volumes of delivery: From 25 kg to 25 tons
Samples: From 1 kg and up
Flexible packaging and shipping solutions: From 12.5 kg boxes to 25 tons bulk deliveries