Responsible production

Together we strive to reduce, reuse and recycle

We develop customised solutions based on our custumers' needs and requirements. Flexible and adaptable production facilities provide our customers with fast delivery times and enable us to deliver from 25kg to 25 tonnes. 

Our goal when producing is continuously to minimise our environmental impact. We do this by using renewable energy and reducing our waste, water and electricity consumption:

  • Our production is based on 100% wind energy and the use of biofuel
  • Waste management in order to recycle as much as possible
  • Reducing water and electricity consumption by ongoing evaluations
  • Patented Cold Pound process reduces the overall electricity consumption with up to 90% compared to standard extrusion. The carbon footprint will be reduced with approx. 20 tonnes per 100 tonnes of Cold Pounded polymer, still maintaining the properties of the polymer
  • Up to 10% of our total production is made by the Cold Pound process

Read more about our quality and environmental policy

Work environment

Our work environment is an integral part of our management system and we strive to be a good and proper workplace. Therefore all phthalates were phased out in 2009.

Handling of risk-labelled raw materials

  • Before implementation in the production, materials must be assessed by management in order to find better alternatives
  • A high level of security is involved when handling risk-labelled raw materials internally