Quality and environmental policy

Our mission is to be seen as the leading manufacturer of customized color compounds and masterbatches, we service our customers individually and adapt depending on the customer's wishes and needs.

We carry out our tasks according to very high quality and environmental standards, where we involve employees, customers and other stakeholders in the processes where it is relevant.

We want to have positive and independent employees who actively contribute to improvements and take responsibility for the entire CP organization.

We also undertake to, in an ethical and responsible manner, meet the legal requirements and other requirements that are relevant to our organization.


Quality is a very important part of our strategy to be known for high standards on all our products and our services. We set the goals together with our customers to ensure that we meet our customers' expectations and requirements.

Quality is one of the corner stones for our business.


At Controlled Polymers, we strive to improve our impact on more sustainable polymer solutions.

We recognize that our activities help to influence society and the surrounding environment, therefore it is essential that in all our processes we think about how we can reduce the environmental impacts we have an influence on.

We only use raw materials, pigments and additives that meet the provisions of, among other things, REACH and RoHS directives, and we have also opted out of the use of plasticizers containing phthalates.

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