Quality and environmental policy

The quality and environmental policy is, to maintain the position as industry leader, within coloring of polymers, technical polymers, customer specific masterbatch and customer specific compounds.

The position is secured, by meeting the strictest demands set in the management systems ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 as well any relevant legislation. We are aiming for a continious development, which will benefit our stakeholders and support a continues growth for the company.

The position is secured by the following:

  • Supply products within specified quality and delivery time
  • Being open, dynamic, flexible and focus on dialog
  • Develop knowledge, processes and products by involving stakeholders, customers, suppliers and employees
  • Continues analyzing and evaluating data, collected communication and documented information
  • Continues evaluation of risk and opportunities
  • Minimize environmental impact and costs through environmentally conscious behavior, with an active deselection of phthalate containing plasticizers
  • Using only raw materials, pigments and additives which complies with regulations of REACH and RoHS
  • All employees are supporting the culture and follow the politics, procedures and instructions
  • Having positive and independent employees, who actively contributes towards improvements and takes an overall responsibility

CP shall be market aware, and the key words are: knowledge, flexibility and co-operation, so that we at any given time can adapt to the customer´s  needs.

The outside world should perceive CP as being a dynamic international oriented company, which is open, technologically competent, quality oriented and environmental conscious, with an active focus on the customer.

CP is constantly pursuing a proactive co-operation with customers, to develop and improve products and processes, while considering the environmental so that customers consider CP as the natural choice as a partner.

CP will follow stakeholders, through ongoing risk analyzes and assessments, and trough this being able to secure a high-level cooperation with the customers.

CP has a goal to adapt production equipment etc., so that process flows and results are optimal. This strengthens the company's competitiveness and seriousness in the market under the given market conditions.

CP emphasizes capacity and flexibility so that delivery security and delivery capabilities is high.

CP will use quality conscious suppliers. Suppliers who can supply quality products, with associated documentation and support, and which are also recognized in the industry as solid suppliers.

All employees are an important resource for the company. Therefore, elements such as communication, education, responsibility, interorganizational understanding and flexibility are important in our quality and environmental policy.

CP prioritizes the environment so that improvements to the environment are continuously, taking into account economic and technical opportunities.

CP will continuously improve environmental efforts by:

  • Process improvements to reduce environmental impacts to the environment
  • Constantly reducing resource consumption, minimizing the amount of waste through source separation for recycling
  • To the extent that there is an economic basis, continue to make resources available in recycling projects with customers, for example by dyeing recyclable materials or manufacturing masterbatch
  • In cooperation with customers and suppliers, to seek for less and less polluting goods
  • Customer requirements or derived requirements for goods requiring the use of risk classified products are submitted to and approved by the management team

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